Tropical Butterfly House - Rules

What to expect when visiting the Tropical Butterfly House

When you visit Pacific Science Center's Tropical Butterfly House be prepared to enter a tropical oasis. You will be encouraged to lighten your load by leaving coats and bulky items behind at the entrance. For the health of our butterflies and their ecosystem we ask that you leave all food, beverages, outside plant material, and strollers at the entrance as well.

When you arrive at the door, one of our staff will greet you to facilitate your entrance into this special habitat. Our facility features double doors to prevent butterflies from escaping and to maintain the tropical climate. Once inside we ask that you help us preserve the health and beauty of our butterflies and the plants on which they depend by refraining from touching or disturbing them.

On your way out, be prepared to take a few moments at the exit helping us to prevent butterflies from escaping.