Playdium is the Wellbody Academy's fitness area. Here you will reconnect with the joy of play and learn about the importance of movement to your wellness.



Here you will find:

This large, fully immersive digital interactive is projected onto the Playdium floor. The projected images of bugs and flowers entice you to move while participating in a free form activity. You activate the experience by entering the designated floor area and use your body to trigger different activities in the system.

Sugar Burners
Two exercise devices, one recumbent bike and one ADA accessible hand crank mechanism, help you to understand how much time it takes to burn off a sugared beverage. You'll learn why the body craves sugar.

This iconic high-reaching apparatus anchors several fitness challenges. You'll use four attached devices (two butt bouncers, one jump pump and one hand pump) to charge pressure tanks with enough air to launch balls up toward a series of targets overhead. The targets are contained within a series of suspended netting enclosures that serve to contain the launched balls and return them by gravity to the reservoir of the launcher. Yes, you will see that exercise can be ridiculously fun. 

A centerpiece for both the fitness area and the exhibition as a whole, this elevated assemblage links multiple fitness challenges with a kinetic display serving as both incentive and reward. Three activity stations at the base of the supports transmit your physical movements to the mechanism above, where the dancing, flipping and spinning motions of humanoid automata respond proportionately to your efforts.

Move It! Move It!
This video exhibit features examples of everyday people making interesting decisions about ways to stay active.