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New, live streaming naked mole rat camera hits the Internet

Naked Mole RatsSEATTLE, WA (March 21, 2013) – Peek inside the peculiar lives of Pacific Science Center’s wrinkly naked mole rats from the comfort of your own computer screen with our newly installed live webcam. Step into the curious world of these tubular ground-dwelling rodents as they squirm, explore and burrow straight into your heart. Straight from the exhibit halls of Pacific Science Center, the naked mole rats are ready to amaze and astonish during their World Wide Web debut!
Tune in for 24 hours of unscripted mole rat shenanigans. See as they cluster together, moving forth and backward around the main chamber. Get a closer look at their ever-growing, protruding buck teeth, used for digging and excavating tangled tunnels. Examine the 100 or so tiny whiskers lining the mole rat’s otherwise bare body, vital for sightless, underground navigation. Marvel as the naked rodents crowd, shove and step on each other under the spotlight in the main chamber of the mole rat den.
“I’ve worked with these animals for years, yet I feel like I’m seeing new things about them every time I look at the webcam,” says Life Sciences Manager Sarah Moore. “My perspective has always been that of a caretaker looking in at them. This is how it would feel to actually be inside the colony with them.”
Be shocked and amazed by this bare-skinned society governed by an elusive, queen mole rat. Together, workers collectively wait on her paw and foot, forage for food and dig deeper dwellings – all for the good of the colony. When workers aren’t busy tending to the needs of the queen, these blind starlets enjoy a little beauty sleep. See how these quirky creatures, unable to regulate their body temperatures in typical mammalian fashion, huddle motionlessly together to regenerate body heat. Yet once the sun goes down and Pacific Science Center closes its doors to the public, revelry can erupt in the naked mole rat palace, providing nonstop pulsating entertainment—all streaming live.
The Naked Mole Rat Cam goes live on Thursday, March 21. Tune into to discover the lives of our uncanny, furless friends. For more information on the naked mole rats and our Life Sciences Department, please visit: