Live Science Stage

stagedemoLive Science Shows present science to the public with all the grandeur of tricks, theatrics, and wonder Pacific Science Center is known for. A variety of shows are presented daily on the Building One Live Science Stage that are sure to enlighten and entertain people of all ages.

Each day's show titles and times are posted onsite at the stage and around the facility in the bright blue LIVE PRESENTATIONS signs.

New to our programming are Live Demonstrations. These happen in a variety of locations throughout the museum. These straightforward presentations focus in on one central science topic. Audiences can experience science experimentation while interacting with the demonstrator, who explains the topic for the group.

Show schedule subject to change without notice.

About The Program

Pacific Science Center offers 15-30 minute presentations on a variety of subjects. Our goal is to teach science in a dynamic and fun way. We use live experiments and animals to convey science concepts, adding a theatrical twist.

We aim not only to educate, but to create enthusiasm for science by taking it out of the stuffy halls of academe and onto the stage, making it accessible to everyone. To that end, our shows focus on the aspects of science to which everyone can relate: the satisfying of curiosity, the play of experimentation, the practicality of safety and the insight of observation. Long after people leave our presentations and have forgotten about the temperature of liquid nitrogen or why a snake has a forked tongue, we hope they will still carry a lasting positive impression that will motivate them to learn more.