Laser Dome - Pacific Science Center

Pacific Science Center's Laser Dome lets you explore music in a whole new light. At 80 feet in diameter, experience the largest and longest operating domed laser theater in the world. See brilliant laser imagery performed live with spectrums of color and effects by the world's foremost laser artists and all mixed during the show in a fusion of 15,000 watts of digital sound. Watch the short video below to learn more about this unique venue.

Each laser show is guided by a live laser performer who enhances the imagery by determining colors, pacing and a variety of visual effects. It's all performed live to music from your favorite artists and projected overhead onto the world's largest laser dome. Each performance is an individual and unforgettable experience.

Laser Dome Facts:

  • It is the longest operating laser theater in the World (Over 35 Years).
  • Laser Shows at Pacific ScienceCenter premiered in August of 1976.
  • It is currently the largest laser theater in the world.
  • It is a domed theater measuring 80 feet in diameter.
  • Home of Laser Floyd's: The Wall - Seattle's longest running midnight laser tradition with shows every Friday and Saturday night at midnight.
  • Featuring 15,000 watts of digital sound.
  • One of only a few remaining live laser performance venues in the world.
  • The Laser Dome is located inside Pacific Science Center.
  • The theater seats a maximum of 500 guests.
  • Constructed for the 1962 Seattle World's Fair, it was one of first self-supporting geodesic domes in the world and was inspired by designs of the world famous Buckminster Fuller.