Boeing IMAX Theater

The best seat in the house is waiting for you. Name a chair
in Pacific Science Center’s Boeing IMAX® Theater.

Your donation will support the renovation of Pacific Science Center's Boeing IMAX Theater as part of our 50 for 50th: Future Ready Campaign.

Celebrate. Honor. Remember. Your contribution will allow you to personalize a chair in the Boeing IMAX Theater with the name(s) of your choice. And you will provide lasting support to the theater.

The Future of Our Boeing IMAX Theater

After 15 years and over 5.3 million visitors, we are renovating the Boeing IMAX Theater to bring you the latest technology and the best possible theater experience.

The first science center in the U.S. to secure this new technology, the Boeing IMAX Theater will showcase a new, custom-designed, laser-powered, digital projector enabling us to show movies with enhanced picture quality. This will be the world's most advanced digital projection system designed specifically for giant IMAX screens. Plus, the renovated theater will boast a new screen, new seats, and a powerful new immersive sound system, with speakers surrounding you (even above you). Read the news release.

Watch the following video to learn more about the science behind this new IMAX technology.

Increasingly, feature IMAX movies are being produced in digital format and after November 2014 will no longer be available on film. Only with this new technology will we be able to continue to show newly released, feature IMAX movies on the biggest IMAX screen in the state.

The renovation will begin in spring 2015. As a privately funded non-profit, we need your support to realize this project. Help us continue to transport you on adventures to space, discover new worlds, climb mountain peaks, explore the depths of the sea, and much more with our immersive movies using the newest, next-generation technology where you will be a participant and not just a spectator.

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